Assotsiatsiooni põhikiri


1. The Dowsers’ Association of the Baltic States (below the ASSOCIATION) is an international organisation, which unites the Dowsers’ Organisations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The purposes of the ASSOCIATION are to foster co-ordinated resolutions of the problems arising in the area of study of weak Earth fields, to share research of the Earth’s radiation fields by means, to study their influence on organisms, application of dowser methods in geology, ecology, architecture and medicine, development of mathematical and physical models of dowser’s response and working out new methods and equipment for the study of geophysical anomalies and peculiarities of psychophysical structure of humans and animals.

2. The ASSOCIATION acts on the basis of this charter.

3. The Societies of the Republics delegate members to the Board of the ASSOCIATION, one from each country. The Board of the ASSOCIATION is convened at least once a year.

4. The Board consists of three members: president and two vice-presidents. The post of president is rotating; the president is from the country organising the next meeting of the ASSOCIATION.

5. The functions of the ASSOCIATION are the following:
a) Participation in the design and execution of complex scientific and technical programmes; establishment of priorities in geopathical research trends:
b) Organisation of international conferences, seminars, workshops and meetings;
c) Assistance in collaboration and information exchange with international dowsers’ organisations;
d) Organisation and assistance in publishing of conference abstracts and materials other scientific publications;
e) Assistance in the professional training and certification of the members of the Societies;
f) Evaluation of scientific and technical programmes, plans and projects;

6. Decisions are adopted by the Board by a simple majority, if at least two thirds of its members are present. If only two members are present the decision needs consensus.

7. The ASSOCIATION has a letterhead form and other means necessary for its activities.

8. Funds for the activities of the ASSOCIATION are provided by the Republic’s organisations whose president is at the head of the Board. In case of need, the necessary funds may also be supplied by the other Republican Societies by mutual agreements.

9. Dissolution of the ASSOCIATION takes place by the common decision of the Board when all members are present.

10. This charter was adopted by presidents of Republican Societies on June 5, 2004 in Tamošava, Lithuania.

Rein Koha Janis Valdmanis Rimantas Petrošius
Chairman of the Chairman of the Chairman of the
Estonian Society Latvian Society Lithuanian Society