Konverents 2012 (abstraktid)

2012 konverentsi ettekannete abstraktid

Recognising changes of Hartmann Iines simultaneously from several geographical locations and effect of grounded copper net on line detection.

Mikko Ahonen, University of Tampere

Lauri Sarja, Osmo Hänninen, University of East Finland


Earlier research of Hartmann and Curry Iines has treated these Iines stationary. In our reseach we demostrate that these Iines are moving and occasionally disappearing. Our test set-up is based on three sensitiive dowsers with L-metal bars in different locations and observing their simultaneus reactions through video captures. Thereafter we discuss whether these changes of lines is due to actual moving of lines or is a particular force affecting the dowsing reaction. The second part of our research focuses on the grounded copper nets. When the dowsers move near these nets, the L-metal bars do not turn and the dowsing reaction is not active. We end our paper on discussion on sleep and health consequences of these findings.


The cavity structural effect: an explanation based on the model of superfluid physical vacuum

Liudmila B. Boldyreva, PhD in Engineering, the State University of Management, Moscow, Russia

At present there is much evidence of specific influence exerted on objects by ambient bodies having a cavity structure (CS), such as bee combs, meshy structures, porous materials, bundles of long tubes, and others. The phenomenon was named «сavity structural effect», or in a different translation from Russian «cavernous structure effect», (CSE) by Viktor S. Grebennikov (1927-2001) [1], the Russian researcher of the effect. In Europe, Oskar (Otto) Korschelt (1853-1940) was likely the first who used specially fabricated cavity structures for medical purposes [2].

The following cavity structural effect features are discussed in the paper:

– The CSE efficacy depends on the material of the structure and on the orientation of the CS with respect to the target object.

– The CSE efficacy does not depend on the presence of screens, such as brick or metal walls, etc.

– The CSE efficacy depends on climate or geophysical conditions, the CS orientation with respect to the Earth or Sun.

– The CS after-effect: the CS influence on the target object may not cease after removal of the CS.

– The cavity structural effect may cease with time.

It is shown that under the assumption that physical vacuum has the properties of superfluid 3Не-В [3] the effect can be taken to be due to spin supercurrents between spin structures created in the physical vacuum by the cavity structure and the target object. The properties of the spin supercurrents are similar to those of spin supercurrents in superfluid 3He-B.


1. Grebennikov VS. The secret of breeding sites of solitary bees. Beekeeping, 1984, No. 12, pp. 28-29 (In Russian).

2. Oskar Korschelt. Die Nutzbarmachung der lebendigen Kraft des Äthers in der Heilkunst, Landwirtschaft und Technik 2. Auflage ca. 1921 Verlag F.E. Baumann, Bad Schemiedeberg und Leipzig.

3. Boldyreva LB. What does this give to physics: attributing the properties of superfluid 3He-B to physical vacuum? URSS, Moscow, 2012.

Keywords: Cavity Structural Effect, Effect of form, Alternative medicine, Model of superfluid physical vacuum, Spin supercurrents, Spin structures in superfluid physical vacuum.

Квантовая когеренция в мыслителъной деятелъности человека

Й.А Дайнаускас


Человечество как составная часть системы Земли –Геи, Ноосферы, отдельные люди, как элементы её, могут бытъ рассмотрены через призму квантовой когерентности посредством нелокальных корреляций между ними. Они проявляются в согласованном поведении отдельных частей системы –людей,  рассматривается  по некоторым аспектам мыслителъной деятельности человека, на конкретных примерах из практики целительства автора.Это диагностика и коррекция тонких структур человека через расстояние, открытие неизвестных механизмов и возможностей взаимодействия человек –человек,  человек –место перемещения  мыслю (на примере геопатогенных зон, жизненных ситуаций ), проявление  “темного” эгрегора в взаимосвязях между людми и коррекция его влияния, энергоинформационные связи в человеческом роду  (карма, реинкарнация)  и возможностъ коррекции.


Manifestations of biophysical anomalies in forest

J. Dolacis, J. Valdmanis

Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry

27 Dzērbenes str., Riga, LV-1006, Latvia

e-mail: dolacis@edi.lv

Institute of Physics University of Latvia 32 Miera str., Salaspils, LV-2169, Latvia e-mail: jvaldman@sal.lv


Any ecosystem, including forest, can be characterized by three groups of typological traits: biological, geochemical and geophysical. The totality of these factors determines diverse development of forest and its possibility to environmental adaptation. Examining the influence of biophysical anomalies to the totality of forest it is possible to trace down its changes that have a selective character.

In the article it is shown the influence of bio-geophysical factors on some wood species, increase of biomass, vitality, bio-resistance a.o. It is shown that the breast high diameter of oak-tree (age of nursery stand is about 60 years) above biophysical anomalies exceeds 1,5 times the diameter of those trees that are growing in neutral sites. Pine trees in forest above the biophysical anomalies are bigger and with higher vitality. Collecting and systematizing this data is an important factor for regulation of forest biomass.




V. M. Inyushin, Republic of Kazakhstan, city of Almaty, Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi


Geophysical anomalies sometimes become conductors of destructive power of  transverse electric solitons. Solitons are generated at the epicentrum of seismic stress. This work contains proofs of causes of the vast accident that happened at Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro-electric power station that was built on two parallel geophysical anomalies connected with the series of epicenters of Altai-Sayan seismogenic area. The present work suggests new system of biophysical seismic monitoring for prevention of technogenic disasters caused by fluctuations in geoplasma.



Radon emissions and their influence to the organisms

Krista Jüriado* and Anto Raukas**

*Tallinn University, Narva mnt 25, 10120 Tallinn; krysta@tlu.ee

** Institute of Ecology at Tallinn University, Uus-Sadama 5, 10120 Tallinn


Radon (Rn) is a source of natural ionising radiation, it is a toxic element causing mutations, firstly lung cancer in people and animals. The first studies of indoor radon in Estonia started at the end of the 1980s, when it was recognised that elevated indoor radon concentration could be a risk factor for human health. High and very high Rn  concentrations of Rn in indoor air often exceeds the permissible level (200 Bq/m3) and reaches 3000 Bq/m3, sometimes even 10 000 Bq/m3. Annually some 700 new lung cancer cases are recorded in Estonian Cancer Register, it is 21% of all cancer cases in the country. By the calculations the annual number of cases related to radon in Estonian dwellings is 90-100 (Pahapill, 2003),

The first investigations of Rn in soils in the Baltic States were carried out in 1997–1998 by Valter Petersell at the Geological Survey of Estonia. More detailed investigations of Rn in soil were launched in 2000; in 2002–2008 they were continued in cooperation with Swedish geologists in 566 observation points. Rn risk in Estonia is among the highest in Europe, in the process of compiling the small-scale (1:500 000) Rn-risk map of Estonia it appeared that high and very high Rn grounds (50–250 kBq/m3 and >250 kBq/m3, respectively) are especially frequent in northern Estonia. In high Rn risk areas there is good positive correlation between the content of Rn in soil air and indoor air of the dwellings in these areas.

According to the geological setting of Estonia, the major sources of Rn are the following:

– Graptolite argillite (alum shale, Dictyonema shale) and Obolus sandstone (phosphorite) with high concentration of Rn. These Lower-Ordovician rocks of subhorizontal bedding crop out in the North-Estonian Klint (escarpment) and in the slopes of buried valleys. Clasts and fines of radioactive rocks occur in variable concentration in the Quaternary deposits of all over Estonia;

– Granitoidal material rich in U, Th and K that has been transported to Estonia from the outcrop areas of crystalline basement rocks in Finland and Gulf of Finland by glaciers;

– Some varieties of Devonian sand- and siltstones with elevated concentrations of U (>3–4 ppm).

In Estonia, the Rn level in soil air and its behaviour are highly variable. The main source of Rn in indoor air is the soil beneath the buildings and the underlying loose sediments and bedrock of variable composition, especially dangerous is radioactive graptolite argillite. Inappropriate assessment of Rn in soil air and its migration regularities may cause health disorders, on the other hand, uncertainty about Rn-risk may generate emotional stress and cause unreasoned material expenses. For Harju County the radon risk is high, but variable (Jüriado et al., 2011). Every region and building needs special investigation.


Jüriado, K,. Petersell, V., Raukas, A. 2011. Radon emissions in Harju County, North Estonia. – Estonian Journal of Ecology, 60, 4, 305-320.


Pahapill, L. 2003. Radon in Estonian homes. Abstracts of the International Seminar “Earth”s Fields and their Influence on Organisms. Tallinn: Geopatic Society, 16-18.


Vedelkristallid kui kriitilise seisundi indikaatorid luu- ja kõhrkoes

Rein Koha MD Phil

Elusorganismides kõikide organite ja süsteemide sideaineks on kollageenid, mille molekulid oma füüsilaliste omaduste tõttu on vedelkristallid ja võivad käituda teatavates tingimustes kas vedelikuna või tahke aine kristallina. Neid iseloomustab üleminekufaas – mesofaas – vedelikust (isotroopsus) tahkesse anisotroopsesse vedelkristalliliseks olekusse ja sealt edasi kristalliliseks ning vastupidi,. Neid ülemineku faase saab defineerida kui kriitilisi seisundeid. Artiklis on näidatud, kuidas näevad välja kollageenmolelulide poolt põhjustatud luu- ja kõhrkoe kui jäiga kristalli olekut üleminekuid vedelkristalliliseks ja nendega kaasnevaid omadusi.




Tarmo Koppel

Heldur Haldre

Institute of Environmental Health and Safety ESTONIA

E-mail: info@envirohealth.info


This article contributes to the scientific body of knowledge by developing methodology of measurements of electrostatic fields on humans and their intermediate environment. Different measurement techniques are presented with their strengths and weaknesses pointed out. Sample measurements are conducted for illustrative purposes. The body voltage, body resistance, skin resistance, body charge and body’s potential difference to ground are covered in this article. Different aspects influencing the levels of abovementioned parameters are also discussed, including clothing, furniture, human activity and habits.



Tarmo Koppel

Heldur Haldre

Institute of Environmental Health and Safety ESTONIA

E-mail: info@envirohealth.info


This study presents measurement results of dirty electricity levels in workplaces and living places. Measurements were taken both directly connected to the mains power network and from inside the facilities by measuring electromagnetic fields. The results show great differences from one place to another, indicating possible problems in electrical wiring or faulty or inadequately shielded/filtered electrical equipment. The results also indicate large daily fluctuations of dirty electricity. The sources of this electromagnetic pollution are discussed, likewise the mechanisms how they are generated and propagated.



Анализ структур линейных биолокационных аномалий в связи с динамикой земной коры, прогнозом геопатогенных зон и заселённостью трерриторий

Лия Берзиня, док. геолог. н

Инесе Ёкста, док мед. н

Мартиньшь Пауперс


Несмотря на повсеместное распространение линейных биолокационных аномалий (БЛА) и большое разнообразие структурных планов, образованых ими в различных геологических условиях, систематизация их оказалась возможной в нескольких аспектах. По ширине, протяжённости, преобладающим направлениям и выраженности в рельефе, выделены основные типы отдельных аномалий. По плотности линейных БЛА на площади обусловленной соотношением планетарной и регионалоной сетей БЛА, проведено районирование территорий Риги и её окружения с выделениями основных, возможно геопатагенных, зон. В пределах Риги намечены участки в различной степени благоприятные и непригодные для пороживания людей. Анализом структуры БЛА, в связи с неравномерной заселённостью территории Латвии, установлены две противоположные терденци. Места поселений хуторного типа в деревне и односемейное или малосемейное жильё в пригородах исторически располагались разбросанно в местах и участках с наиболее редкой сетью БЛА. Предопосылки концентрации людей в городах – местах с потенциалом их роста прямо связаны с энергетическим потенциалом местности которое, прежде всего, выражается в плотной сети БЛА. Большинство городов Латвии располагаются вдоль протяжённых и интенсивных зон линейных БЛА, в местах с весьма полотной сетью анамалий в следствии перекрещивания с системами БЛА других направлений, либо перекрытием их одной или несколькми кольцевыми структурами.



Ley Lines – the multilayers lightways on the Earth.

Lille Lindmae


Ley lines are the three dimensionals multilayers energies highways, which are situated on the ground of the Earth. Ley lines cover all surface of the Earth. They have stright lines, intersects and  diverges to many branch. These are the lightways with fifth dimensional sacred cosmic light, which support all life on the Earth. The energies moving direction is as crosswaves, they don´t move all time to one direction. This light support and will open step by step our conciousness, where will take place the change of Pole Shift. Many sacred buildings and capitols have been built to the large Ley lines or intersects.

Now, at the beginning of new era, part of the old Ley lines will be not used more, because the life on the Earth is changed. Now is time to correct or bring up some of the old broken lines and to build the new lines. The new line building must always start at the human level, the nature and the cosmos continue. For leading touch of life needed variety.

What can break the Leys? Too much negative psychic (mental) energy: wars, plundering, people torturing, killing, catastrophes etc. Them affect too the Earth electromagnetic field and the Poles situation.

Through the channeling contacts our sisters and brothers from Universe (Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus etc) are leading the fews (now 7- channelled info) linemasters work on the Earth. Linemaster have a special info in his/her own aura, which will correct or build new lines. It is not making. Corrected and new lines give the new possibilities and will change all the life on the Earth.

When build the Ley line to the desert, there will follow the water and soon the life. Now is desire to bring people with Leys from large cities back to countryside. Mankind built into Ley springs wells, the water inside these wells is valuable lifewater for all nature and people.

Some examples by author corrected Ley lines and their intersects (1997 – 2012): Cypros (Greece), Arabia, India, Ponta Delgada (Azores), Johannesburg (Africa), Europe (many countries), Pskov and Volgograd (Russia). All these lines and intersects affects the large area of the Earth.




G.N. Mamirova

Republic of Kazakhstan, city of Almaty, Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi


The present work suggests new method of biophysical monitoring of geophysical anomalies’ parameters based on the use of changes in parameters of internal dielectric polarization of biological objects in the state of anabiosis. It was found out that there are fluctuations of geo-plasma in geophysical anomalies’ geo-plasma amount of which increases by an order and more in the course of formation of  future hypocenters. Reliable data on wide-range effect of seismic activity epicenters was obtained.


Psüühiliste ja vaimsete energiate mõju väljad, meid ümbritsevates ruumides.


Kalju Paldis

Vaatlen ruumides olevaid psüühilisi ja paranormaalseid põhjusi. Nende kaas mõjust oleneb inimese vaimne ja füüsiline tervis. Kas sellistest infoväljades, suudab inimene eladada ja töötada.

Inimene oma tegemistega jätab maha info maatriksi ja selliste korduvate tegemistega ta oma moodi risustab ruumi energiaid. Need energeetilised jäljendid ei ole silmaga nähtavad, kuid ometi tema nendest jäänud vanad energia informatsioonid hakkavad meid mõjutama. Tekivad erinevad psüühilised ja füüsilised probleemid meie teadvuse ja keha füüsis tasandil.


Study of reaction of the human organism to the geopathological impact of tectonic faults

Kastytis Dapšys1, Rimantas Petrošius2, Saulius Šliaupa2, Vladas Valiulis1, Gediminas Žukauskas3

1Republican Vilnius Psychiatric Hospital; 2Nature Research Centre, Institute of Geology & Geography; National Forensic Psychiatric Service; Vilnius, Lithuania


Objective: There are some evidences that the local variations of the magnetic field may increase risk of cancer, cardio-vascular and psychiatric disorders. Tectonic faults are also discussed to have impact on somatic as well as mental health. However to record the reaction of the organism to the geopathogenic factors “in situ” is very difficult. One of the test methods is suggested to measure the heart rate variability (HRV), which is thought to reflect balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of autonomic nervous system and involvement of higher brain centers. The experiment was designed to measure HRV for persons situated in the area affected by presence of major tectonic faults.

Methods: 3-channel ECG was recorded with the Holter system for two male persons. Recordings were made at 11 “target” sites near or on the tectonic faults and 8 control sites. 7 parameters of HRV were calculated, i.e. spectrum values of 4 frequency bands and 3 derivative parameters.

Results: Measured parameters vary significantly from site to site. Such a variability is accounted to impact of different parameters on an organism that are not related to geofactors. On the other hand, some consistent relationships were recognized in the reaction of the organism to the faulted structures. First, the range of parameters of spectrum values of very low frequency band (0.04–0.0033 Hz) in both persons is larger in target sites compared to control sites. Also, the ratio of high frequency to low frequency significantly increases (up to 100%) in the fault sites.

Conclusions: Some reaction of organism to geopathogenic zones was noticed. Yet, more studies are required to evaluate the possibility of organism reaction measurement at the site of geopathological tectonic faults. It is necessary to look for other informative and fast methods of study of the reactions of central nervous system.



Quantum Aspects of the Universe, Life and Consciousness. Random Events Generator

Reet Priiman, Ph.D., Institute of Environmental Health and Safety

Tarmo Koppel, MA, Institute of Environmental Health and Safety


How this title connected with dowsing phenomena and what is useful popularly to know to the persons interested in this area of humans’ actions the article below is reflecting.

Quantum essence of the Universe and consequently life itself on the level of DNA and consciousness has been reviewed and analyzed on the light of recent scientific discoveries and facts.

Morphogenetic fields (by Rupert Sheldrake), alias Universal Consciousness (by Carl-Gustav Jung) from the aspect of limitless energy-information grids of quantum world.

What is Random Events Generator (REG) and how it works, or more correctly how authors suspect its function through their experiments and hypothesis?

Some experiments performed by REG with their analyses are shared. Is among results certain correlations are possible?  Why it is hard to receive entirely truthful results?

The role of consciousness and unconscious beliefs on the quantum world level is background for activity as well as in REG experiments and also different dowsing processes at large.

To acquire the knowledge ’out of box’ reinforces humans’ beliefs and capacities to raise their mental actions in more harmony with fields of the Earth and the Universe.

The references of various scientific researches for this topic are added.


Three of Earth’s Natural Fields & Their Influence on Organisms

Roy Riggs BSc


Geobiology can be usefully termed as the science of specific location and disease. Traditionally harmful energies issuing from geological sources such as underground streams, geological faults, Curry /Hartman grids etc were the basis for dowsing or bio-location surveys to establish whether such harmful energies were in existence [usually a domestic dwelling] and to what extent these energies could be neutralized or made irreverent by moving the client’s bed away from these so called geopathic zones. In recent times, especially with the onslaught of man made electromagnetic energies from household wiring, mobile phone masts, WI-FI and DECT cordless phone transmitters the Geobiologist/dowser has had to increasingly become more scientifically aware and develop further skills and strategies to measure these new invaders of our personal spaces. Modern geobiologists are therefore often qualified in aspects of bau-biology (building biology) and the measurement and understanding of electromagnetic fields and therefore better able to advise the client the best way forward in avoiding the negative effects of both geopathic and electromagnetic stress in their homes.  Within this context that I am going to briefly outline the effects of altering our natural relationships with (1) White Noise (fading universal electromagnetic signal as a result of the ‘Big Bang’). (2) The Earths natural Geomagnetic Field.  (3) Our relationship to the Earth’s Electric Field.


A living phenomenon – intuitive association with etheric points in the landscape created by ancient and traditional built form

Pat Toms, Glasgow Scotland  –  pat@toms.org


Some aspects of the layout of ancient and traditional built form can be described in terms of intuitive association with the form of things, in particular topographical and geological formations.  The experience has been presented previously in an etheric context, the word ‘etheric’ being used to denote influences arising from mindful intent to associate rather than forces or energies emanating from something.


Firstly, an intuitive ray of association may be set up with any perceivable form. This ability can be used when dowsing to find hidden things. Secondly, intuitive association with form manifests  etheric influences as a field of form that has been described sensually in terms of etheric resonance and currents, with etheric intensity manifesting geometrically as lines and zones in harmonious measures. These sensual and geometrical experiences are considered to be synonymous.


Something living appears to use a field of form sensually to determine growth and change. Lawrence Edwards has shown how dormant tree buds are shaped as path curves that change in relation to planetary and moon conjunction.


This article describes how, thirdly, polar etheric influences arising intuitively from association with a natural protrusion and intrusion can be brought together to create an etheric point, which may be utilised by living things; for example, as a point of germination in plants or animals; as a place to die for certain animals. A living thing can create etheric points and then associate them together etherically with intent. Etheric intensities in fields of form that manifest in measures can be used to facilitate formative and spiritual activity.


Humans can construct and associate with built form as protrusions and intrusions to create etheric points intuitively. To illustrate how, some ancient and traditional constructions are described here. They enable spiritual activity, for instance ritual at an altar and potentising of water in a font. Particular etheric currents can be created by choosing and associating together etheric points on Earth and in the Cosmos, utilising landscape features and planetary and stellar bodies. Etheric measures that arise are utilised somehow to promote and sustain life.


To explain the phenomenon a working hypothesis proposes that a living impulse associates with form and manifests a field of form instantaneously; it brings together and utilises polar etheric influences with intent to sustain itself. Etheric intensities are experienced to change harmoniously, manifesting geometrically with points, lines and zones, in measures. Etheric fields of form are not electromagnetic. What are the geometric entities being experienced intuitively?




TIIT VALLAOTS, Estonian Geotechnical Society



Gravitation has designed the Universe, both visible and invisible. All stars, planets, galaxies and their movements are formed by gravitation. The shape of the gravitational field depends on the masses creating it. The Solar System has a simpler gravitational field than a galaxy. The gravitational field of the entire Universe is still a riddle for mankind. The gravitational field of a system is defined by the position of the observed point being either inside or outside the system. While outside, the object is pulled by the entire mass of the system. Inside, the pull is caused only by a partial mass. A galaxy is a complicated system of mass points with a single mass centre. Actually, all systems only have one mass centre. For example, if a supernova explodes and its material is expelled, its mass centre will remain in the same place. In the future, substance may re-gather in that location, as the centre of mass persists.

We can conclude that gravitation, although invisible to the eye, significantly influences nature, both living and not, along with the entire universe.

In the paper, some formulae could be used as a basis for calculating the gravitational forces of a ring-shaped galaxy or molecuar cloud with a hole.




TIIT VALLAOTS, Estonian Geotechnical Society


The non-uniform distribution of masses in the Earth’s crust is the reason why gravitational accelerations in some regions differ from normal values. Such areas are called gravitational acceleration anomalies or gravity anomalies. These anomalies are the cause of height deviations in ocean surfaces.

In addition to hollows and bumps on ocean surfaces, other extreme phenomena can also be observed on Earth in areas with gravity anomalies. These territories have the strongest storms, winds, streams, earthquakes and volcanic activities.

Explaining climate changes through gravity anomalies is a novel approach. According to my data, it has not been discussed in literature.

We can conclude that gravitation, although invisible to the eye, significantly influences nature, both living and not, along with the entire universe.



Geobioloogia Kool Eestis

Rein Weber


Meil on 10 aasta jooksul (2000-2010) tegutsenud Tallinna Kultuuriülikooli toel tõeline “Harry Potteri nõiakool” täiskasvanutele. Selles koolis toimusid teoreetiline õppetöö talvel ja praktilised seminarid  suveperioodil. Õpperpogrammi kuulusid erinevad Feng Shui tasemed (1 – 3), radiesteesia teoreetilised ja praktilised õpingud (“pendliõpetus”) ja geobioloogilised uurimistööd ( radmaster e. Võluvitsad, Hartmanni nibuantenn, Geiger’i radioaktiivsuse mõõtja jne). Õpilastele väljastati talviste semestrite lõpul Kultuuriülikooli tunnistused ja suvepraktikate lõpul toimunud eksamikatsete eduka sooritamise korral Baltic Dowser’s Association’i,  Eesti Feng Shui Klubi ja Eesti Psühhotroonia Ühingu ühise komisjoni poolt diplomid.

Geobioloogiliste praktiliste tööde hulka kuulusid alljärgnevad uurimused:

–          Krundi või elukoha elamiskõlblikkuse koefitsendi määramine 0- 100% tabeliga.

–          Geopaatilist stressi põhjustavate füüsikaliste põhjuste diagnoos ja nende harmoniseerimise võimalused:

–          Maa-aluste voolavate (puhaste) vete poolt tekitatud staatilise elektrivälja kõrvalejuhtimine.

–          Maa-aluse seisva (reostunud) vee pealt tagasi peegeldunud negatiivse infovälja harmoniseerimine.

–          Maast ja ehitusmaterjalidest lähtuva radooni (radioaktiivse lenduva gaasi) detektsioon ja kaitse.

–          Maa-aluste kuiva (seisva) õhu koobastest tagasi peegeldunud negatiivse infovälja (nn.ioniseeritud kiirguse) harmoniseerimine.

–          Maakoore geomantiliste võrgustike intensiivsuse ja asukoha määramine ja harmoniseerimine (Hartmanni ja Curry võrgustikud).

–          Loodusliku ja tehis radioaktiivse kiirgusastme mõõtmine ja selle harmoniseerimise võimalused.

–          Magamiskoha  geopatogeenne analüüs ja harmoniseerimine kuna inimesel on une ajal töös ainult 22% hormonaalsest kaitsest.

–          Elektromagneetiline pollutsioon. Maandusjuhtme efektiivsuse kontroll – maa takistuse määramine (soovituslik 0 – 35 oomi).

–          Looduslike ja koduelektroonika poolt tekitatud mikrolainete (mikrolaineahi) analüüs.

–          Suletud õhukindla ruumi effekt (negatiivse infovälja tekitamine) elamutes keldrite ja ventilatsioonipüstikute kinnimüürimise tagajärjel.

–          Maakoore magnetväljade mõju uurimine elusolenditele.


Geobioloogiliste uurimuste hulka kuulusid ka psüühilised põhjused, mis põhiliselt on lahendatavad iidse feng shui tehnikate rakendamisega ja paranormaalsete nähtuste uurimine, mis käsitleb müüri mälu, laetud esemeid, vormi kiirguseid, energia ülekandeid (needuse 4 tüüpi) ja poltergeisti juhtumeid.

Õpilaste- kuulajate üldarv Tallinna Kultuuriülikoolis ületab üle tuhande ja geobioloogi algastme diplomi on saanud umbes 300 õpilast.

Pendli- ja antenniõppe eesmärgiks oli äratada õpilastes sisemine tundlikkus – sensitiivsus ja tõestada, et iga inimene suudab olla nn.”sensitiiv”. Suurem osa õpilasi  piirdusid endi loomulike võimete arendamisega isiklike vajaduste rahuldamiseks ja umbes  10 % olid nõus täiendõppega, et pakkuda ka teistele inimestele geobioloogi teenuseid, nii et käesoleval hetkel on Eestis töötavaid geobiolooge paarikümne ringis.



The biomorphism of the continents: a reflection of the consciousness field

Darijus Veteikis, PhD,  Vilnius, Lithuania


The purpose of the work is to reveal that shapes of the Earth continents are figures of some meaning, not simply a result of random distribution of the continental sheets in the background of the oceanic crust. The key to see it lies in developing so called ‘archeologist (or palaeontologist) vision’. The first hint is a special feature of two continents – Antarctica and North America – both having quite easily noticeable, but bent bilateral symmetry axes. However, not being a common feature of the other continents, symmetry only implies some other peculiarity of these great landmasses. All the continents together with their shelves and satellite islands are a kind of projections of some biomorphic mega-sculptures (Greek bios “life” and morphos “form, shape”). The work presents a multitude of figures where relief maps are compared to the pictures and photos of animal and human body. Actually, the four continental groupings are found comprising 6 continents, namely 1) Antarctica with sunk Kerguelen micro-continent, 2) North and South America with Greenland, 3) Africa and Eurasia with New Zealand, and 4) Australia and New Guinea with Tasmania. The biomorphic figures have a bio-evolutionary relation to each other, as well as the common spatial orientation, therefore, the probability that this plate-tectonic-artistic complex is a result of a random play of geo-forces becomes tiny small(calculations to be presented). These characters being well known from the human mythology of Hindus, American Indians, Greeks etc., are now standing as a kind of great symbols, but without any reasonable explanation for present-day us, being grown up in a Newtonic physical world. The only explanation to this is the acceptance of the possibility of extra- and superhuman consciousness participation in our physical reality.


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